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About us


andante media is an established music and audiobook publisher located in Münster and the sales & marketing office SOUTH on Lake Starnberg just outside of Munich - GERMANY. Founded by Diana Ziegler in 1995, “andante media HÖRARCHIV” is one of the largest independent music publisher within the German-speaking area.

Its main lines of business are licensing and the production of customized audio CDs for advertising campaigns. From add-on promotions and retail editions of Audio-CDs to individually commissioned works and charity projects, the company’s service portfolio is enormous.


Since many years andante media is carrying out its plans to provide the world’s music lovers and collectors with access to the “andante media music archive via digital releases.

Five record labels are the host of the different music styles of Lounge, Ambience & Relax music, traditional Christmas works and classical music. The label 'andante media' is the way of making the archive of its band projects available to the public by issuing releases from acts and collectives of artists like ABANDO, eSonic and BeatPulpit, as well as other pseudonyms composed and performed of great musicians, singers, songwriters and producers. 

Under the label 'andante media X-mas' you will find all traditional Christmas hits and under the labels 'andante media HÖRARCHIV' and 'perpetuo CLASSICS' andante media is publishing its huge archive of classical music from more than 100 well known classical music composers. 'ART EDITION by a.m. publishing house' is a label especially to publish rare historical recordings out of the rights catalog of andante media.  

In addition the company´s first iOS-App “Classical Music Calendar”, which was launched in the year 2013, gives quite innovative access to andante media ́s extensive archive of classical music. 


We invite and we say welcome to the worldwide audience to discover our music catalog.

"All these different ways of publishing will give a great public access to our music archive - we love to work on it" Diana Ziegler, Founder and Publishing Director