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The andante media DIGITAL ENTERTAINMENT CLG provides you a great variety of music for your project.


Five record labels are the host of the different music styles of Lounge, Industrial style, Ambience & Relax music, traditional Christmas works and classical music. The label 'andante media' is the way of making sepcial band projects available to the public by issuing releases from acts and collectives of artists like ABANDO, eSonic and BeatPulpit, as well as other pseudonyms composed and performed of great musicians, singers, songwriters and producers. 

Under the label 'andante media X-mas' you will find all traditional Christmas hits and under the labels 'andante media HÖRARCHIV' and 'perpetuo CLASSICS' the andante media DIGITAL ENTERTAINMENT CLG is publishing classical music from more than 100 well known classical music composers. 'ART EDITION by a.m. publishing house' is a label especially to publish rare historical recordings.  



andante media DIGITAL ENTERTAINMENT CLG music compositions on request. All genres - all styles. Brief us for your next project.

Is all the music presented on this website completely?

No! Please note that we do not have published all the music we have the right to do this. This is an ongoing process. We launch regularly new releases of great music recordings we selected for you.  


Music compositions on request for your movie, documentary film, tv-serie or game

We are well networked with great composers, producers, artists and singer songwriter to create every style of music you wish. We stay connected with the worldwide music industry for more than 25 years. So, we are able to produce your song based on your individual briefing just in time for your next project. No matter which genre you have in mind!



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